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Submitted by Katalin Pearman, Honorary Consul  English Summary prepared by Derick Pasternak

Photo contest: “Through the eyes of a Hungarian”

This is the summary of the announcement on the following website:

Fotópályázat – Külhoni Magyarok (

The aim of the photo contest is to use a new means of linking Hungarians who live all over the world, to strengthen their connections with each other, to present by visual means the current situation, vibes, feelings of Hungarians.  Let us demonstrate how diverse and creative Hungarians are, be they in the Carpathian Basin or in the diaspora.   

There are two adult (18 years of age and over) and one youth (ages 13 to 18) categories.

The adult categories are photos produced by cameras and photos produced by mobile phones.  For youth, the photo may be taken by any means.

For each adult category, two themes are announced:

  1. Our wonderful environment (we ask that you submit photos of buildings, natural wonders, or any other special places that should be seen by everyone)
  2. New beginnings (we ask for photos that will indicate how the individual taking the picture will restart his/her life after the pandemic)

For the youth category there are also two themes:

  1. Our wonderful environment (same definition)
  2. One must learn, one must love (we ask for photos in which the individual taking the pictures will show his/her online learning environment; the barriers to online learning; or other significant experience relating to online learning)

Every person may submit up to 5 photos total

Deadline for submission 23 May 2021; submissions received after that date will not be accepted.

Photos judged not to conform to the requirements of the themes will not be accepted, based on the decision of an expert jury. 

Submissions must be accompanied by a completed form accessible at

In each theme, the following prizes will be awarded

First place: HUF 300,000

Second place: HUF 200,000

Third place: HUF 100,000 

In addition, three door prizes will be awarded in similar amounts; all photos accepted as relevant to the themes will have a chance to receive the door prizes. 

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