Board news – March

By Daniel Takács, HAAW President

Hello fellow HAAW members.  I’m happy to report the new board is off to a flying start. This month has been very busy.  We have met with the previous board members, learned all the ins and outs of the Association, transferred the list of duties and started on our continuing mission.  All clubs, school and folk dance groups are operating online via Zoom at full steam.  By the time you read this, the Scouts group will have hosted Tiszti Conference where they met with 80+ fellow Scouts and leaders across America.   The property group has a lot of plans on how we will be able to fully utilize our property in Cle Elum.  I cannot wait till we are back to normal!

If you are interested in joining the Forever Young club please send an email to  We plan to establish a monthly Zoom call where group members will be able to connect regularly.

Through the Hungarian Diaspora Council we met other Hungarian American associations.  It was amazing to see all the associations around the U.S.  Did you know there are 1.4 million Hungarians in the U.S?  They asked everyone to contribute to the first-ever Hungarian American Community Yearbook.  Eszti, our communication director, created a great looking slide which highlights some of our memorable events from last year.  We hope to receive the final composition and share it with you.  

I really hope you will be able to join us on March 14th at 4pm for the Hungarian Revolution Remembrance.  If you have not received the Zoom invite from our mailing lists, please contact  The Scout group is using this opportunity to host a fundraiser. They are going to make Kokárda emblems.  Please visit to get yours!  The event will be bilingual and will welcome HAAW and non-HAAW members.  We are also very grateful to have the Seattle Pécs Sister Cities Association sponsor a world class pianist performance near the start of the event.

Remember to check out the “Upcoming Events” which are listed on the webpage near the bottom carousel, or navigate to individual group’s web pages.


Daniel Takacs

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