Building the Scout Hut

by Csaba Orban, translated by Derick Pasternak   

Since the purchase of the HAAW plot of land in September 2020, our Scout troop has collaborated with the leaders of the Association and others in making the area useful to us, beyond simply being an investment.

While volunteers of the Association worked on cleaning up the lot, creating a gateway, obtaining a storage container and other improvements, the scouts began constructing a wooden structure, which we have named the Scout Hut.

As this report is being written, the two-level Hut is not yet complete, but its walls are up and covered. There is a covered roof structure, and the door and windows are functional, so the Hut is now capable of being secured.  

We celebrated this milestone on November 6th.  About 25 of us met at the lot, and for the first time used the 200 foot (66 meter) Zipline with great excitement and joy.  After that, we constructed bird feeders, roasted bacon on spits over a campfire, and expressed gratitude to our supporters by means of the obligatory celebratory speech.

The Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt. (a foundation established to assist Hungarians beyond the country’s borders) has pledged partial support for the construction of the Hut, the Zipline, and other equipment.  Although we have not yet received the funds, they will be very welcome in view of the well-known recent increase in the cost of construction equipment.

We are also fortunate to acknowledge the patronage of the Faludi family, owners of the Prohibition Cellars winery, and also the Puget Soundz band.  These two supporters contributed greatly to the success of our Harvest Ball on November 27th.  We thank them and all other supporters!

In the name of the 45th Fekete István Scout Troop I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas, Merry Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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