Cle Elum needs you!

Dear Friends,

You’ve been always very supportive of our community, and again, we ask for your help. Our land in Cle Elum, which shall be given a name sooner or later, is in need for maintenance. We’ve collected these maintenance tasks

  • Watering existing plants (any time) – this task requires the volunteer to bring some water (no water guarantee available on the site  as of yet) Requires: water
  • Saplings watering – fig trees, lilac and fir saplings that need to be watered during the hot  / dry summer months. Requires: water
  • Cleaning and clearing of the property – all dry branches on ground to be drug out and to be  put in an orderly pile for the volunteer fireman to chip (this program is available until end of July)
  • De-limb dry branches of larger trees, create paths in the woods, this task contributes to firewising of the property. (this program is available until the end of July) Requires: polesaw
  • Cut branches on large trees to be removed up to 8′ height to prevent fire spread. (this program is available until the end of July) Requires: chainsaw, polesaw 
  • Repair of the wire fences around the property.  Requires: pliers and some knowledge of connecting #9 wires
  • Install fence posts and wire fences at the west property line upper portion along the surveyed property line.   – this task  requires strength and the  ability to follow precise instructions
  • Finish the building of the gate
  • Start the building of a playground
  • Start the building of a zip line – trees to be cut to create a path. Requires: tools
  • Clear the location for the parking lot
  • Build benches and tables from existing logs and wood – We need handy craftsmen with tools.
  • Build a guardrail on the bridge – We need handy craftsmen with tools.  
  • Transport people with no transport possibility to just visit the site. 

    We also would love to hear about any of your ideas and we have a lot of other tasks and ideas. If you are interested in any of the above task or if you want to take on a project of your own, contact Csaba (Orban) at

Additionally, we are looking for people with possibly vans, who can help moving the belongings from our former storage in Arlington to Cle Elum. There are two dedicated days, June 5 and June 13 to accomplish this task. For further details please email to (Dani) and (Akos).

Thank you!

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