December Scouts News

Author: Csaba Orbán
Translator: Elizabeth Jakab

The other day I’ve heard on the radio that – metaphorically speaking – we can see the light at the end of the tunnel because the vaccine against the Corona virus has been developed. The news made me smile, since it failed to specify how long is the tunnel and how long will it take us to get out again under the open skies. Needless to meniton that we all would like the get over with this nightmare as soon as possible.

During the end of February 2020 I was at a scout leader conference in San Francisco. I had a slight cold when I heard on the news that a misterious virus is spreading in the Seattle area and one person passed away from the illness caused by the virus. It made me feel uncomfortable at the conference, not because I didn’t feel well, but rather because I came from an area where an infection was spreading. I was hoping that the rest of participants won’t find out but, of course, the news spread like wildfire. There was nothing I could do about it; I could only hope that the bad news will fade away in a few days…

Ever since, we had to cancel the Scout Dance, the summer camp, the central camp. But we reorganized our lives and our scout activities. We stood up to the pandemic. We will not get isolated. We are organizing virtual meetings. During Easter, our boy scouts did the traditional water sprinkling of the girls virtually. During Mothers’ Day they contributed to the celebration with recitals. By fall we had a plan in place: virtual meetings every other Saturday and on the other Saturdays, weather allowing, we organized small group meetings.

In October a small group of scouts volunteered to work on the newly acquired property in Cle Elum. We collected garbage and dry branches, planted trees and enjoyed nature, the fresh air and each other’s company. During the same month, after detailed organization and with precise execution, we held the initiation ceremony of new scouts as well as the promise making ceremony of the cub scouts.  During the same event we also found time to commemorate the 1956 Revolution with the group. It was a big occasion: 18 new scouts could tie on their necks the symbol of pride and bravery, the scout tie.

In the meantime, other scout groups and the KMCSSz Center continue their life with similar intensity. We would be hard pressed to list all the activities and achievements of the other groups. There are art and scientific achievements, entertainement and educational gatherings, individual performances and large virtual group gatherings.

In our group, there are 4 young people who pursue the learning of new leadership skills on-line. In the past, this kind of development happened at the level of local groups, and the pre-prepared youngsters went to summer camp in Fillmore. Because of the virus, this year Hungarian scouts from all over the world joined our group. During the training held by the KMCSSz this year 120 scouts logged in from Brazil to Canada, from parts of Europe to Australia. It is fitting to say that sometimes when a door closes maybe even multiple new doors can open – we just have to look our for opportunities.

Wishing you all the best

Csaba Orbán
Scout group 45 Fekete István

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