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Recipe: Delish Mascarpone Roll

collected by Eszti Hollenback
Photo credit: Ferenc Navratil

My mum found this wonderful piece of recipe and it debuted as a birthday cake, soon turned to be the favorite and manages to maintain its celebrity status ever since. With Valentine’s Day in the corner, or for those who are happy with “just because” occasion this cake could be a thing. 

The project, to create the recipe, was a family collaboration: I invited my mum as master chief and her husband as master taster. No, just kidding. He was the photographer but he got his fair share from the cake. 

Mascarpone roll


mascarpone roll ingredients

5 eggs, separated (not one by one :), the yolk from the yellow – tip: place the yolks to a larger bowl so when it’s time to “beat them” you have enough room)
½ cup sugar
2 tablespoon all-purpose flour
¼ cup of your favorite coffee (black, no sugar)
170 gr or 6 oz dark chocolate chips
Frozen rose petals (organic)

½ cup Nutella
340 gr (about 4/5 cup) mascarpone (if it’s a bit more that’s fine, too – we’ll need it to cover the entire cake)
1 tablespoon brandy (optional)
2 tablespoon powder sugar

Decoration extra?
More rose petals, mint leaves, slices of strawberry

I figured that listening music helps being more creative and effective in the kitchen. For a start why not a light Beatles song, Strawberry Fields?


1. Melt the chocolate over steam and add coffee, mix them to a creamy mass the let it get cold

2. Stir the egg yolk to a creamier texture until it turns white (on the top) adding the sugar to it first gradually, followed by the chocolate creamy mass and the flour, too

3. Let’s beat the egg whites to firm peaks (useful tips about egg white beating on this link) (my grandma said if we add a little sugar to it, just a very little, it helps to get harder texture, and the firm peak test of hers is a funny one: if you turn the bowl upside down and it doesn’t want to fall off immediately, you’re good to go – only for brave ones to follow!) then add this to the chocolate mass
4. Preheat the oven for 150-200C 
5. Purr the chocolate mass mixture to a baking sheet (26cmx32cm for best result – we’ll need to roll the cake)


6. Bake it for 20 mins or as it toughens 
7. Let it get cold
8. For the filling mix the mascarpone, the powder sugar and the brandy
9. Place the cold cake to a clean powder sugared tea towel

powder sugar on tea towel

10. Here comes the art with the Nutella, layer the cake with Nutella, then with some of the filling as well (some= max with half of the filling)

spread nutella and mascarpone filling

11. Roll it up – the most stressful part, be careful, good luck!
12. So now it’s rolled up, it may break on the top, but never mind since we are using the other half of the filling to cover the cake

13. Decorate the top with the rose petals, (and mint leaves with strawberry slices)


Ps. if you have a secret family recipe, don’t hesitate to share with us:

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