Board News – September

It is no news to anyone that the pandemic has rolled new obstacles into the work of our communities. New challenges demand new solutions. As we cope with the problems, opportunities will arise, but this experience will undoubtedly change our lives in the long run. One can only hope that the change will be for the better.

Summer is over in Seattle, but life at HAAW didn’t take the usual summer break this year. Next, I would like to use a few facts to illustrate that. Before I start reporting, however, let me clarify one thing that is most important. 

As you know, at the end of 2019-2020, due to COVID19, we were unable to hold the annual elections. The current Board, with the knowledge of the Nomination Committee, has given its consent to remain in office until the elections can be safely held. If anyone has any objections to this, or if there are any suggestions, please let us or the Nomination Committee know.

Like many of you, I think the smooth running and independence of the Hirek should be second to none within our organization. I would like to express gratitude and send many thanks to Nóra Plander and Viktoria Bálizs for editing, coordinating and publishing the Hirek in the past few years. These two people, together with others, have done a great job, and we are going to miss them. Whatever they do next, we wish them best of luck and success. Viktoria and Nóra passed this baton for personal reasons to another enthusiastic team.

I welcome Eszti Hollenback, Derick Pasternak and Dániel Takács to the new team of Hírek. They, together with Julia Deák and others, will publish our news in a new format. The name and quality will remain the same, but we are going to use a more up-to-date technology to bring the information to you. During the summer, there was a breakthrough in rejuvenating our outdated website and data system. I wish this team the best of luck and enjoyment in their doings. I am certainly looking forward to reading the Hirek for years to come. This team still has a lot of pleasant surprises in store for us soon.

Furthermore, our real estate search effort has also borne fruit. After viewing more than thirty properties, we appear to have found the right property. This land is in Cle Elum, as I addressed at the Augustus 11 meeting. It is a 7.85-acre buildable vacant lot with electricity and water access. This site opens up opportunities for further development in the future, but in no way does it mean that we are taking our events away from popular locations near Seattle, or that it will be a special burden on the operating household of the Association or our groups. On the contrary! The lot can stay untouched for years if need be, and it wouldn’t suffer. But if there are any entrepreneurial spirits in our communities, we will see that people recognize the opportunities. They will see that it is worthwhile to be a member of our Association and to invest time and money in our property. 

Here I announce to everyone that we are happy to take any help. We think in small projects and find a task for everyone. We believe this property is right for us, and Cle Elum is a great weekend destination with many possibilities to explore. The sooner we make the property convenient to use, the sooner you as a member can use it for your enjoyment! Thanks to those who donated so far, and we look forward to donations from others.

I also inform you that the Gábor Bethlen Fund has approved 1/3 of our grant application, which will be about $3,000 for the Hungarian School and the same amount for the rest of the Association. The big question here is whether we can realize the projects we have planned for, due to the virus situation. If we do not realize the said projects, we will not be entitled to keep the money.

As projected, our season opener St. Stephen Day picnic was cancelled, but we are still planning to bake the Nation’s Bread. I encourage everyone to share photos of fun activities.

Finally, I would like to inform you that until the end of the year, school and scouting will continue virtually, and the dance group is also thinking about creative solutions. Please visit our website and ask your group leaders for more information.

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