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Dear Friends,

How fast the summer has gone! We hope you all had a great summer and during your vacation you were able to read one or two great books!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold any “Trunk with Books” events. However, the Hungarian library was present at the St. Stephen’s Day picnic in August and at the recent Open House. We were very pleased about the inquiries about the library and the reading Bingo. The deadline of our summer reading Bingo was September 5th. Thank you very much for the many entries! The winner will be notified via email and the prizes will be awarded at the next “Trunk with Books” event on September 25th. The award ceremony and a more thorough summary of the game will be available for you to read about in the next issue of Hirek in October.

We will continue our “Trunk with Books” events in this school year. For dates and locations, please visit the HAAW website.

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