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Hello May!

Summary from the board by Daniel Takacs, HAAW President

Dear members,   

This year has been tough.  A year and a bit ago, covid hit us hard.  Many of us have had loved ones, friends and colleagues getting sick.  People lost jobs or had to work with non-optimal arrangements, having to care for children due to school closures.  Covid also affected our organization.  Many of the activities that HAAW normally organizes had to move online.  I’m hopeful that with the current vaccination and other measures we will be able to fight this virus and start to get back to normal.

What’s coming up for our organization:

Per HAAW bylaws, every April we create a nominating committee.  This committee’s job is to conduct elections around June.  If you are interested in running, please contact us at .  

The Property group is super busy preparing the Cle Elum property for events.  Following state guidelines, it’s very likely we will be able to invite our members to the property soon.  Watch for emails, and I hope you will be able to see this beautiful space. 

We are planning on a few events.  One event is in the making right now themed as “get to know your fellow members”. Details follow soon.  Another event is an online wine tasting the concept of which is to order wines from a wine shop and join us and a wine expert via zoom to follow the tasting experience.

And last but not least, we are going to be conducting our membership drive.  We rely on membership dues to fund our free picnics and holiday celebrations and to provide a base of support for our cultural programs, Hungarian classes, dance group, Scout troop, book club and other initiatives.  Please stay tuned and renew your membership for next year.  You will find the membership rates and how to pay them on our website,

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