In the Spotlight: Márton Huszár

Introduction of the new KCSP scholar, Márton Áron Huszár, translated by Erzsébet Jakab

I am Márton Áron Huszár. Born in Pécs, Hungary, I got into scouting there, in the footsteps of my grandfather and brother, at the “Keresztény Munkás Ifjú” Scout Group #217 that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Following my sibling’s example I proceeded from the small-town scouting to national camps, “regős” camps and ultimately international scout gatherings.

I started folk dancing as a kid and practiced it as a hobby for 12 years, but by now I’m a little rusty.

I moved to Budapest in 2009 and started my studies as a designer for animated films. Later I generated 750 illustrations for the Hungarian Scouting Association and they are being used to this day. I’ve always loved comics, but working with animation and generating figural illustrations for scout media strengthened this attraction. In 2016 I was employed by Olympic swimmer Katinka Hosszú as a comics designer that resulted in the publication of 21 comics novels. When this assignment ended I expanded my portfolio through transitioning to video games. Ever since, I’ve been working as a freelance artist illustrating games, applications and comics.

In 2018 my brother and his wife applied for the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor program, got accepted and travelled to New Jersey. That’s how I had the chance to visit the US twice. Ever since, I’ve been planning to apply for the program, but the COVID pushed everything out by two years. This year I got accepted and here I am! I am looking forward to all challenges and assignments to personally participate in the life of the local Hungarian community.

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