In the Spotlight: Nelli Szabolics

Introduction of the Secretary of the Association.

Translated by Derick Pasternak

My name is Nelli Szabolics; I was born in Csongrád in 1995 and grew up in Csanytelek with my parents and two siblings. I attended the eight-year high school in Csongrád, enjoying those years very much. For a long time I had no inkling on what I wanted to do later on, but toward the end of the high school years I gravitated toward Commerce and Marketing, so I applied for studies in those fields. I received two diplomas from the University of Szeged. First I was qualified in Marketing Communications, later in Commerce and Marketing. I spent time on a variety of internships during my university years. After graduation I took a position in the University’s Directorate of Project Management, where my role was in managing applications for projects.

Following the years in Szeged, my husband received an offer from Seattle in 2019. We had to make a quick decision, but both of us felt that this was an opportunity not to be missed. In a few weeks we were on our way to our new life. The State of Washington has been a big change from the Great Plains of Hungary, but we were immediately enchanted by the unparalleled natural beauty. We are delighted to continually enrich ourselves with new experiences, meeting with new people, discoveries of new places. Seattle has become our home.

We became acquainted with the Association soon after our arrival. It was very good to see and experience the community that developed here over the years. It was an honor to be asked to become the Secretary of the Association. We have become acquainted with wonderful people, all of whom are dedicated to the continuing development of our community. I am very grateful to be able to be a member of this community.

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