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Member spotlight: Daniel Takacs

In the spring of 2020, we put out a call on Facebook for volunteers to help our Communications Committee improve the association’s website and method of tracking member contact information. We were fortunate to receive offers of help from several people including Daniel Takacs. Since then, Dani has put in countless hours of work securing a free nonprofit version of Salesforce for the association from his employer. Using that Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), he set up our new member database along with the sign-up form that connects it to our website. He also came along to look at the property in Cle Elum with several members of the Board, and has decided to run for the board position of Technology Chair for our upcoming year! We are very glad to have Dani on the team, whether as volunteer or board member, and we hope everyone will take this change to get to know him a little more. Here’s a brief introduction in his own words:

Hello Hungarians around Seattle.

Please let me share with you my journey of how Seattle became my home. 

I was born in Hungary in the 1970’s.  At the time, my family had some relatives living in the US and Canada.  My parents, (who are really hard workers) went to visit family in the United States and Canada.  They saw “The Land of Opportunity”.  In 1988 they told myself and my siblings that we were going on a family vacation.  We all piled into our little car and off we went.  After we crossed the border to Germany, my parents told us their big plan.  We would immigrate to Canada after a brief stop in Germany. 

We stayed in Munchen for a year while waited for permission by the Canadian government to let us in.  We were active in Hungarian community.  We loved Scouts and Church.  Every time we went to a new city, we did not feel alone.  We met Hungarians everywhere and instantly formed new friendships.  Despite living in a small 2 room hotel in Germany, we had a blast and made some wonderful memories.  We biked around Germany, learned the language, enjoyed Octoberfest, went skiing in the Alps, etc. 

When we arrived in Canada, I went to high school, and then to the University of Waterloo.  I took Math with Computer Science.  During one of my work internships, I met another intern, who was from Vancouver.  One of my last internships lead me to work at Microsoft in Seattle.  During my internship in 98, I went to the Hungarian Association party.  I ended up winning two of the great prizes on the raffle, I felt a bit shy, so I told them to re-raffle one of them. 

Also, while I was in Seattle I went up to Vancouver, where I met my beautiful wife Carolynn.  Carolynn and I soon married and had 3 children, Rebeka, Andrew and David.  While our kids were young, I took them to the Hungarian school.  I’m very thankful for the teachers Orsolya, Nelly, Zsuzsa, Dori, etc.. My kids had fun and learned a little Hungarian.  I worked at Microsoft for 18 years where I started the “huns” alias and some people joined and eventually the members formed lunches which of some I attended.  I left Microsoft 3 years ago and now I work at Salesforce. My family lives in Redmond and we try to attend as many of Hungarian events as we can.  I’m very thankful for the organizers. 

As my kids are growing older, I will hopefully have more time to be involved with the Hungarian association.

– intro by Julia Deak

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