Membership Spotlight: Viktória Bálizs

Author: Julia Deák Sandler

In this spotlight column, it is our pleasure to introduce Viktoria Balizs, who has richly deserved our recognition and thanks for her work over the last three years. She has been an officer of the Board of Directors in the Secretary position for almost two and a half years now and also, in her quiet and consistent way, completed the work of coordinator of our longstanding newsletter Hírek for two years, ending in June. 

On a personal note, it is my pleasure to introduce my carpool buddy, with whom I commuted from North Seattle deep into the woods of Woodinville for monthly board meetings, first together with our friend Nora Plander and then just the two of us. These days, all we can do is chat over the phone or on Zoom, drinking our own refreshments instead of sharing snacks and bottles of wine as we used to do when meetings were at the Nemesszeghys’ house, but these current circumstances just make those memories sweeter.

Viki is from Kaposvár in Somogy, a county near the Southern border of Hungary, but she moved to Budapest for her university studies in Social Work and her early career. From there, she first moved to the US in 2015, when she lived in California for a year with her husband Gergő and with her small daughter, and where she had her second child, a little boy. They moved back to Hungary for a year before returning, moving to Seattle in 2017. We’d like to congratulate Viki & Greg on recently becoming homeowners, and we hope any HAAW members in Edmonds will give them a warm welcome to that community.

Here in Seattle, Viki has been volunteering for YouthCare, a social service organization working with homeless youth, in addition to raising her children and working hard for HAAW.

In her free time, she is an enthusiastic fan of live music and Hungarian bands in particular. Viki traveled down to California to see Tankcsapda live, and she also really enjoyed Aranyakkord when they played in Seattle. We hope to have more great evenings like that in the future, or at least some fun online events, where we can enjoy our shared Hungarian language and culture with Viki, Gergő and their recently arrived tech worker friends.

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