Szabolcs Takacs, ambassador for Hungary in US

New Hungarian Ambassador to the US

Author: Katalin Pearman, Honorary Consul

Szabolcs Takács will be Hungary’s new Ambassador to Washington, D.C. He handed over his credential papers to the US State Department late November. The newly appointed career diplomat was selected partly due to having been in significant political positions before.

Szabolcs Takács, 49, has a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, a master’s degree in political sciences, European studies and law, and international relations. 

Former Ambassador Dr. László Szabó left his post in April, so during these past seven months Ms. Dóra Zombori acted as the Chargé d’Affaires.

I would like to direct the readers’ attention to the webpage  which is directed at émigré Hungarians.

Its mission is threefold: to be a repository of news and political information, as well as to be a collection of personal interviews, portraits, and stories. In addition to news about the lives, initiatives, and challenges of Hungarians in neighboring countries and in diaspora, the user will find information about various programs, such as the “Julianus,” “Mikes Kelemen,” and “Kőrösi Csoma” programs, as well as about Hungarian schools and competitions. One may also follow their Facebook page for new information.

I was very much taken by the introductory text of Árpad János Potápi, State Secretary for Hungarian Communities Abroad, which I share with you here:

What does it mean today to be Hungarian in emigration? What are the challenges facing a Hungarian entrepreneur, community leader, or even university student? How can we guard the native tongue and culture while in minority status, and what can the native land provide as support?  If you are concerned about these questions, you are in the best place. We brought the Külhoni Magyarok webpage to life in order to introduce the everyday lives, successes and challenges of Hungarians in emigration, as well as all the work the mother country has performed and is performing for the guarding of and assistance to these communities and the preservation of their relationship to their native land.  We wanted to bring to life a surface that communicates not only news, prospectuses, and practical information about matters that impact on and provide opportunities to the global Hungarian community, but from a close personal perspective, through unique and exciting stories, introduces the daily lives of Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin and the diaspora; the “faces” of Hungarians beyond our borders.

The Külhoni Magyarok webpage gives insight into the work that the State Secretariat for Hungarian Communities Abroad has now carried on since 2010 on behalf of Hungarian communities beyond our borders.  Its mission is threefold: to be a repository of news and political information, as well as to be a collection of personal interviews, portraits, and stories. It is a portal for news because it gives up to date information about news and happenings that most directly affect Hungarians in foreign lands.  It is a repository of information because makes accessible in one location the most important programs, competitions, and basic national political documents. It is a compendium of stories, which introduces persons, families, entrepreneurs, artists, community leaders though two constantly renewable series: the Carpathian Basin and the diaspora.  Through these personal viewpoints we receive credible pictures of what Hungarians’ life is like in foreign lands and we can learn something from their endurance and worldview.

I trust that we can continue to strengthen the cross-border unity of Hungarians and the view that we acknowledge as our own: Being Hungarian beyond the borders is not a handicap, but a source of strength.

I wish you pleasant pastimes!

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