October – by the book

brought to you by the librarians of Hungarian Library

Dear Friends,

It is unbelievable that we are already writing our October article and decorating our gardens with pumpkins!

Our summer reading game ended on September 5th. It was a traditional bingo game, but our bingo sheet contained different categories for books. You could fill the cells by reading books according to these categories. The award ceremony took place on September 25th at Crossroads Park in Bellevue. The winners got a certificate, a book, and a gift card.

Our youngest participant Stella Foldvari (4 years old), received a $ 40 gift card from Barnes and Noble.

Participants who filled one line on the bingo sheet received a $ 40 Amazon gift card.

Izabella Shull
Anton Shull
Aron Tantos

Participants who filled two lines on the bingo sheet received a $ 45 Amazon gift card.

Margit Wadsworth
Agnes Wadsworth

The champion of this year’s reading bingo was Emese Orban who filled 17 out of 25 cells! Her prize was a $ 50 Amazon gift card.

Thank you for playing with us! Congratulations on reading so many books!

Our reading bingo game will be back next summer as well. Until then, look out for any updates regarding the library on the HAAW website! We might come up with a new game before then 🙂

Thank you for the support of the Hungarian School and the Fekete Istvan Scouts. Special thanks to Judit Pulay for the design of the bingo sheet.

Cultural corner:

Hungary celebrated the bicentennial of Janos Arany, one of the greatest Hungarian poets, in 2017. A new animated series of his poem “Toldi” debuted on Duna Tévé on September 19th. It was the last work of Marcell Jankovics, creator of the animated series “Magyar Népmesék” (Hungarian Folktales). You can watch the already aired episodes by clicking the link below:

Toldi Videók | MédiaKlikk (mediaklikk.hu)

September 27th marks the centenary of the birth of Miklós Jancsó, Hungarian film director and screenwriter. He is known for films like Cantata (Oldás és kötés, 1963), The Round-Up (Szegénylegények, 1966), The Red and the White (Csillagosok, katonák, 1967). If you are interested, we have included a short video about the circumstances of making Csillagosok, katonák.

53 magyar film – Jancsó Miklós: Csillagosok, katonák – vendég: Szekfű András – YouTube

We’d like to commemorate the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 by recommending the movie “Daniel takes a train” (Szerencsés Dániel, 1983, by Pál Sándor). You can read the story of the movie and watch it on Filmio for a small fee.


We are holding our next library events on October 9th and October 23rd in Bellevue, in Crossroads Park, from 9.30 am till noon. For dates and locations in November, please, visit the HAAW website.

Hope to see you there!

Betti, Panni, Julcsi librarians

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