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October Consulate news

Dear Hungarian friends and friends of Hungary,

I realize that this year has not exactly been the best for travel and tourism (among others), but in hopes that we will soon be able to return to ’normal’ I would like to share this information with you. You may peruse these for your own travel plans, or share them with your American friends. The Hungarian Tourism Agency (North America division) has posted some excellent new material to showcase the wide variety of tourist destinations in Hungary. Feel free to share these but please indicate the source (

Top attractions in Hungary, map:—map.pdf

Budapest coffee table book:

The unique taste of Hungary:

Wines of Hungary coffee table book:

Wine regions of Hungary, map:

Bucket list Budapest and Greater Budapest:

Bucket list Eastern Hungary:

Bucket list Western Hungary:

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has prepared several spectacular videos on various topics. These youtube links may be freely shared.



You can also contact the Hungarian Tourism Agency through their social media pages. Their latest announcements are posted on the following pages:

Web pages for the public at large:

Composed by Katalin Pearman

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