Our Property – Unified to realize Hungarian-American dream in Washington State

By Csaba Orban

When the trees started budding, the tulips started to open their blooms and we humans were getting in long lines to get vaccinated against covid, the urge got much stronger to get out, take off the mask and see smiling faces of our friends somewhere in Seattle around this time…

The friendlier weather and the successful receiving of the vaccine alone are certainly not a guarantee for a social freedom (as in contrary to social distancing), but it could be a good reason to get away to a place where there is plenty of oxygen provided by trees and there is no chance that a sudden crowd will overburden the few people who are looking for a beautiful quiet place.

If you are member of HAAW I can tell you about a secret place that fits the description: it is the PROPERTY of HAAW in Cle Elum.

After coffee and cake our family spontaneously decided to get into the car and visit the property on the eastern slopes of Snoqualmie Pass last Saturday.

We started out in a bit of rain, but the traffic was great and in a little more than an hour we rolled into Cle Elum. We entered the property and took note of the leftover snow and the awakening nature in the mild breeze. We unpacked our early lunch and maybe not in ideal circumstances, but with joy we ate our sandwiches while enjoying the view around us, from the smallest sapling to the biggest mountaintop alike, in beauty second to none.

While eating and talking we surveyed the possibilities and started dreaming for our community…. We wish that more people would realize the hidden treasures in this property…

We recognized the positive aspect of the fact that HAAW has a property maintenance and developing committee, which is open and welcomes everyone who wants to help with the property in any capacity. This Committee meets every month since the purchase of the property. 

During this last winter, the Committee had a few projects, and we’ve had our first achievements already. 

We purchased, received, and installed a house number on the property, now called 681 Golf Course Rd, Cle Elum.

We did comprehensive research into the question of property tax exemption for a nonprofit, but unfortunately our research came back non-applicable on both avenues we approached about this topic. The first possibility would have been if the property had a building on it, and the second possibility is for an undeveloped property that we have owned for 10 years. As you see, neither apply.

We also applied for a use permit for a storage facility, and we are waiting for a response any day now.

 The Committee is also planning for a work party /picnic as soon as covid allows. Please send a note if you have any questions or if you would like to share ideas.  And for sure drop us a note if you are interested in helping our work!


After we hiked and visited the property, we settled with the conclusion, that the property indeed is as beautiful as it was last year.

We got in our car and traveled for about 10 minutes to Roslyn and Suncadia to see the possibility in case the Property offering “only” work picnic and relaxing is not adventurous enough for someone. What we saw was beyond great. The area has tons of opportunities to explore.

After another hour of driving we sipped our hot tea, this time at our dining table, with a satisfied smile on our faces – as if saying: “today was a great day again” 

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