Property visit

By Nelli Szabolics

In early April the HAAW property committee spent a beautiful day in Cle Elum on the Association’s new property.  It was the first time some of us had visited the property, and a great opportunity to put the place of our inspiration into perspective.  We explored and learned the lay of the land, while having a great time.

The property is quite large. One area is densely covered with trees, while the other offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

I recommend that you see it for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

The purpose of our visit was to discuss ideas, make realistic plans, and discuss hands-on projects. One suggestion was to survey the places where the designated parking area might be located. Another was to finalize the location of the storage container.

Thanks to the well prepared and enthusiastic committee members, we even did some gardening! At the gate we hallmarked the entrance with two small Hungarian totem poles.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the power company has replaced the old broken utility pole on the property with a brand new one, free of charge. Now we are almost ready for power! The last step is to install a meter for the power supply to be enabled.

An appropriately-sized storage container and portable toilet were purchased, both of which were recently delivered. A huge thanks to Daniel Takacs for coordinating the container delivery, and Denes Dezso and Andras Zaborski for placing it.

If you would like to know more about our plans for the property, please feel free to contact us!

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