School Corner: Easter Celebration in Anticipation of Spring

by Anett Barabás

On April 8, 2023, there was a lot of preparation around the Mercer Island United Methodist Church. Young and old alike were excited to see if the bunny would arrive on time. If the bunny arrives on time, will it bring colorful, small chocolate eggs?

The scout leaders tried to calm the excitement during the sessions. The team leaders came up with very creative tasks to “jump the bunny out of the bush.”

One group made eggs soaked in purple onion skins, decorated with beautiful leaves. The other group painted spring pictures with water and salt while singing happy Easter songs. The third team built a nest of bunnies in the yard.

It almost seemed that the excitement had subsided, but then the sprinkling began.

The boys stood in front of the girls with sprayers and daffodils dipped in water, and the girls happily allowed themselves to be sprinkled by the boys. But the girls didn’t stay idle, either. Some of them rewarded the boys who competed well with red chocolate eggs, some made by hand.

Not even the bunny could resist such enthusiastic company. The bunny came, saw, and won…or rather the children won.

After the sprinkling, the children were divided into groups, and the team leaders escorted the children into the hall below to look for the eggs left behind by the bunny. The egg hunt could begin. But the waiting teams were not bored, either. They had to solve harder and harder skill tasks until their team was given the green light to hunt. 

At the end of the event, we prepared a small Easter table, where Réka Bordás and John Francis Nutter prepared a divine hazelnut cake, and they also shared their beautiful, colorful Easter eggs with those present. Thank you for the delicious food.

Let’s hunt for eggs together next year. Stay with us!

Egg painting, sprinkling, egg hunting and Easter kolache
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