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My outlook on life is generally positive, optimistic, and in most cases cheerful. It is in accordance with the 8th Scout Law of Hungarian Scouting, which has preserved Lord Baden Powell’s original thought from 1908: “The scout smiles and whistles.” I think those who read my articles may testify that, with a few exceptions, this mood also steals itself among my lines.

However, something has changed since March of this year. Our world has been radically upset by a tiny creature, a virus. The era of the COVID-SARS2 pandemic has begun. We’ve learned a lot about this subversive creature since March, but we still know very little about it, and this sometimes makes me sad. For example, it is thought-provoking that the summer passes so that we cannot camp, we cannot meet our friends and loved ones, and we cannot live our usual life. Much of what was taken for granted until now has suddenly changed. Fear of the virus took a lot away from us. For example, a simple friendly handshake, a friendly hug, the sight of a wide smile that is not obscured by the mask. It took away the confidence that a mere visit, a meeting does not bring us danger, but joy, as before.

And yet I am optimistic. Mankind, and scouts in particular, are very resourceful.

We begin to come back from the impact of the virus, and of our own insecurity, when we dare to join a community not because we have to “make a living” but because we are responsible and want to continue our old community life. The computer and the phone can be a great help in keeping in touch. We do not keep in touch with the computer, the phone or the TV, but those items should help us keep in touch with another person at the other end of the line. Now I can only imagine how beautiful it would be if we could finally use these tools to discuss which mountain peak, park or river we are going to explore.

The time for this will come, but you can only be ready for the joy of that moment if you start rebuilding or building anew your worthwhile relationships today.

The scout meetings for the István Fekete Scout Troop #45 in Seattle will resume in September. At this point, it’s hard to predict how plans will become a reality, but we know that our motivation is noble. Enthusiastic leaders are planning an interesting program and the rest is to be seen in the near future.

If you are already a member of our Troop, we want to welcome you back. If you are not yet one of us, then we would like to meet you soon. If you are an experienced scout, we would like to hear about it. If you have not been a scout yet, then let us make your first impressions together in our Troop.  At the age of five you can be a wolf cub. Later you can be a little scout, then a scout, an explorer, a rover, an eagle, and an old and a wise scout later in life. 

If you have any questions or have stories to share, feel free to contact me or any of our scout leaders.

Write to seattleicserkesz@gmail.com

Be Prepared! 

Let’s end this pandemic together!

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