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By Sabrina Faludi

Sometimes when we scout leaders get together, we get to talking about the past and the future. Here we introduce to you one of our squad leaders, Sabrina Faludi, who shares with us some of her experiences as a Hungarian scout. To briefly acquaint you with her background, she was born in the U.S. and started scouting in Chicago at the age of 6. Shortly after becoming a guard leader, she moved to Hungary to attend college and didn’t resume scouting again until she moved here to Washington with her husband and son. She became an active member of our scout troop four years ago, where she plans great activities for our littlest scouts. Beyond that, she is also the person behind many of the scout programs that we introduce within HAAW. 

Why do you like being a Hungarian scout?
My answer to this question is different as an adult than when I was a kid. As a kid, I loved scouting because it gave me the opportunity to play with other Hungarian kids my age. Like most Hungarian kids, I attended Hungarian school and danced in a Hungarian folk dance troop, but we never played. We were more or less expected just to learn. I played more in scouts than anywhere else. The games were so much fun and seemingly endless. Playing and learning through play is the cornerstone of scouting, which I love. You can learn a lot of things through play, and can gain great experiences and develop meaningful relationships along the way. All the fun, mutual experiences that I shared with my scout brothers and sisters led to long-lasting relationships well into adulthood. The memories that we created together in scouts are memories that will last a lifetime!

What makes you a scout leader?
Firstly, I am a scout. What makes me feel like a scout is the scouting spirit that I carry with me where ever I go. Of course, I also consider myself to be a scout because of what I learned, like how to make a fire, how to read runic writing, Morse code, and how to make a tent out of some tarps and sticks. But it’s not just the things I learned in scouts that make a scout. The creativity and playfulness that extends to everything I do can be traced back to my scouting roots. I am a scout leader because I want to pass on all this scouting knowledge that I learned and with the same spirit in which it was given. 

What does scouting give to you?
Hungarian scouts in America gives me the opportunity to meet other Hungarians and develop friendships within a Hungarian community. It gives me the opportunity to speak Hungarian and gain fun, Hungarian experiences. Scouting enriches my life and gives me the opportunity to enrich the lives of others in my troop. Scouting has given me friendships and unforgettable memories both as a kid, and now again as an adult.  

What is your favorite scouting memory?
I have so many scouting memories, but it’s funny how some of your worst experiences become your best memories! I remember once we went on a backpacking trip at night and left our campsite with only a few essentials that we’d need to set up camp on our night away. We weren’t even allowed to bring a tent, just a few tarps, and only a few sleeping bags. We were being taught how to get by only on a few essentials. When we got there, we made our tarps into tents using sticks, and we had to share the sleeping bags that we brought. Eventually it started to rain, and while it’s completely relaxing to listen to rain drops from the warmth of the inside of your tent, it’s not so relaxing when caught between two pieces of tarp with only a corner of a sleeping left for you, no matter how many times you try tugging for some more. After a few hours of tossing and turning and getting completely wet, I gave up on trying to get any sleep, and I went to the fire to warm up, where I knew there would be scouts guarding our camp. It turns out, some of the younger scout leaders were on watch, and they just happened to be making French fries on the fire in a skillet. French fries! French fries were always a treat, but while in scout camp, even more so! That night that I spent out by the fire, munching on fries with the cool big kids, will forever be one of my favorite scouting memories! 

What is your goal within scouts? 
To pass on the scout experience. 

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