Scouts Talk present Vanda Szekely

Csaba Orban interviewed Vanda Szekely

Cs: We have introduced several of our scout leaders in a series of articles. I would like to welcome you among them. Just like with the previous leaders, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your work helping, strengthening your troop. Let me ask you this: What do you like about being a scout?

V: Adventures, belonging and the creative spirit that brings lots of joy to my life, and that is why I really feel like a scout.

Cs: What does being a scout provide you?

V: It gives me a chance to slow down my rushing days. It gives me time to play, sing and create with my hands. The best thing is that I don’t sing, create and play alone. We sing together with my scout brothers and sisters enjoying each other’s company.

Cs: What’s your favorite experience?

V: It happened at a scout camp. At dusk the warm afternoon air turned into chilling cold. My toenails were curled in my boots, getting frosty. When we lit the campfire, it suddenly lit up the smiling faces. We were singing a song in canon and it seemed the song took on life moving in waves, one line after the other, again and again, smiling faces, happiness swirling around the campfire.

Cs: What is your goal as a scout?

V: My goal is not to forget to play. My 5-year-old daughter is constantly asking me to play with her. She told me the other day that I can’t play anymore. I have grown up too much. She added that it’s ok; I just have to practice to get better at it. So my goal is that I would practice playing and give myself time doing just that.

Cs: Dear Vanda, thank you very much for the interview. I wish you lots of time and opportunity to practice playing and enjoying. I also wish that you pass down that “art” of playing to the next generation so that they will never forget that we grow up and rush into the world, but with practice, we can keep that innate talent.

 Playing with the scouts reminds me of the past, prepares me for the future and solves the present problems… I wish good health, playtime, work time to you and your dear family. 

V: Thank you for the conversation. Good work!

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