This was: Düvő performance

by Sabrina Faludi 

The four-piece folk ensemble, Düvő Zenekar, joined by two guest musicians from the famous Szászcsávás band in Transylvania, graced the stage of Prohibition Cellars.  They played Hungarian folk music in the traditional style for a large audience of Hungarian and non-Hungarian guests alike. Accompanying the band were two amazing folk dancers, Gábor Norbert and Nóra Gál, both current and former members of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble, as well as professional folk singer Erika Juhász, who added vocals.

The evening was epic through and through with almost 100 people present for the event to listen to the heart-thumping Hungarian folk music played by the violinists, contras and bass player, filling the winery with their charismatic music. The dancers added much excitement to the performance, changing costumes throughout the evening, spinning and twirling, jumping and slapping to the quickly undulating bows of the musicians, much to the audience’s delight.

The performance was held at Prohibition Cellars, owned by Hungarian winemaker Sándor Faludi, who, together with his wife Sabrina, greeted guests with delicious bowls of homemade goulash soup. The audience showed their appreciation for the phenomenal performance at the end of the evening with a resounding standing ovation in true Hungarian style. The evening concluded with an impromptu folk dance workshop where all could try their hands, or should I say feet, at some traditional Hungarian dance moves.

The evening was a huge success, which could be felt by all in the room, guests and performers alike. We hope this is the start to a yearly tradition at Prohibition Cellars!

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