This was: János Vitéz

by Andrea Szirbik

In April, Petőfi’s classic “János Vitéz” (John the Valiant) by Pilvax Productions was performed in Seattle, organized by HAAW. 

The piece was shown in the form of a monodrama played by Dániel Pálinkás, who graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. The artist arrived in Seattle along with Timea Zsédely, the artistic leader, director and producer of Pilvax Productions. Before that they performed the show in a creative Hungarian camp in Hawaii on the Big Island and later in Honolulu on Oahu in Kapiolani Park. After the show, they headed to Portland to perform there as well. 

It made us very happy that we were able to get this unique show to Seattle. It was very enjoyable, and it was very interesting and fantastic how all the characters were played by one person only.  There were four glasses on the stage besides the actor. After the play the viewers had the opportunity to talk to Timi and Dani. It was very pleasant to hear each other’s feelings and listen to each other. Young and old participated in the talk.  

Shows like this or similar independent ones are organized by AbsoLUTE Movement LANT. This is a new not-for-profit organization. They can be found on Facebook.

We hope that we can soon welcome another similar play in Seattle. Can’t wait for the next show!  

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