This was: St Steven’s day picnic

by Melinda Varga

On a beautiful late summer day, August 20th, the Hungarian community got together for the traditional HAAW picnic at Lake Sammamish State Park. A volleyball net was set up, people were playing different outdoor games, good conversations were being had and good food was being enjoyed by all. Enikő Orbán baked a homemade bread while other people brought their own homemade dishes such as the Transylvanian eggplant cream and cheese pogácsa. 

Laughter could be heard by all around the picnic tables as people shared their funny and interesting stories. The happy sounds of the pickup volleyball game added to the joyous occasion. Some people even took a dip in the lake itself. 

The picnic was the perfect event to meet with old friends and new acquaintances alike. Many thanks for the 37 people who attended and those who helped to organize, prepare food, set up, clean, and aid in the overall success of the picnic.

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