Updates in February

by Daniel Takacs

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays.  

It was so good that many of you were able to come out to the Christmas market in December.  We are very thankful for the efforts of the event coordinators (Andi and Zsuzsa) and volunteers.  It was hard work but very successful.  We are anxious to kick off this coming year, and are planning to have this year at least as good as the last..  

The scouts and school programs currently meet regularly online.  The dance program has begun meeting in person.  Occasionally there are events scheduled in an outside setting.  If you are interested in joining any of our programs, please let us know.  

We are actively looking at our options, and planning events for the upcoming year.  It’s proving to be a bit challenging due to the recent surge in covid cases, but please stay tuned.  What are some of your goals for this year?  How can you help?

Eszti, our communication director, moved to Hawaii, where she is still creating our communications and newsletters.  She is planning to wind down and transfer this position to someone local.  We are looking for someone who has communication / website design expertise to help take on this very important role.   Please reach out to us (haaw.president@gmail.com) if you are interested!

Many of you might have grown up in different parts of the continent and experienced a Hungarian camp.  Hungarian associations and churches in Toronto, New York and Cleveland have properties like ours.  They organize events such as cookouts, kids’ camps, group retreats and scout jamborees.

We aspire to provide such programs, and are planning to build our property to accommodate them.  We have a group that meets monthly to plan our next steps.  Last year we started by building storage and a small bunkie. If you have expertise or ideas, and can contribute to this project, please contact us

Please stay safe.

Thank you.


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