The Hungarian American Association of Washington and the Seattle-Pécs Sister City Association cordially invite you to their Hungarian-themed Christmas Market.

Enjoy a day out in picturesque Paradise Farm discovering a true sense of outdoorsy Hungarian Christmas Market: breath in the scent of the earthy tones of nature mixed with the herbs of mulled wine, smoked meat and chimney cakes; stroll around and check out the arts and gift selections; socialize responsibly with like-minded people and get tempted by traditional Hungarian Christmas cakes, cookies and szaloncukor*.

Puget SoundZ, a famous local Hungarian band, performs a live concert.

The event features a legendary character and world class traveler, known by the fastest delivery service on Earth (and perhaps the entire universe): Santa!

*Szaloncukor, a typical Hungarikum, is a Christmas candy, used as decoration on the Christmas tree and joyously consumed by all ages leaving the empty wrapper on the tree behind disguised as if it still has candy.

Paradise Farm (appears as Farmer Frog on the map)
23210 Paradise Lake Road, Woodinville WA, 98077

This is an outdoor event. Rubber boots or waterproof shoes/boots are recommended on the farm.

 Hungarian dishes (Gulyas, pig roast, Sekler cabbage, lecso)
• Chimney cake (Turul Foods)
• mulled wine
• arts & crafts vendors (artisan soaps, handmade cards, photo paintings, beautifully decorated cookies, glass jewelry, fused glass, leather goods, dot painted glasses and ornaments, homemade pasta, and some more)
bake sale (beigli (100 rolls) and other Hungarian cookies and cakes and bakes)
• Hungarian Christmas candy sale  (30 bags)
• book sale and Hungarian Library

Featured guests:
• Santa (3-4 pm)
• Puget SoundZ, live concert (5-6pm)

Some of our vendors are introducing themselves:


Agnes is the owner of a-mia that specialized for hand-painted jewelry and accessories inspired by Hungarian folk and nature. Custom paints can be requested though.
Order online

Jakab Zsoka (Elizabeth) is the owner of Botanix Artisan Soaps: find it on Facebook

Botanix Artisan Soaps

Gentle, healing, natural body bars, exfoliants and massage bars. Developed and handmade in small batches by a chemist. Enhanced only with natural ingredients, such as plants, spices and natural purified clays. Small footprint, zero waste, unique luxury.

Home-made Hungarian pasta

Julcsi ‘s hand-made pastas

· extra thin fine pasta (cérnametélt)
· strawberry leaf (eperlevél és eperszalag)
Ingredients: organic wheat flour, organic egg

Erika Somogyvari

This Budapest-born individual learnt glass techniques in US, and has been selling her hand-made products in artisan markets in Washington for 5 years.

Zsuzsa Stanfield

Zsuzsa’s specialty is a unique dot-painting technique applied on various ornaments and household items. For the market she brings coasters, Christmas ornaments, candle holders, wine and champagne glasses – perfect gifting ideas.

The cookbook with recipes from the Seattle Sister Cities with an introduction by Chef Kristi Brown.

Cookbook: “The International Table

The book includes over 100 dishes from Seattle Sister cities. It is a unique cookbook collection – from everyday foods to dishes for special occasions, Japan, Cameroon, France, Cambodia, Kenya, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Norway, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Korea, Ireland, Poland, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan all have a place at this international table.

It features easy-to-follow recipes that can be accessible to novice and experienced chefs alike.

The cookbook is a hard back with pictures of each recipe and sells for $25.

For members of the Hungarian American Association it is free of charge. Non-member visitors are to pay $10/person entry fee over 12 years of age, and $5/person under 12 years of age. Your ticket includes a dish of your choice.

We would hate to disappoint and prepare with less food and drinks for our guests, therefore kindly ask you to help our preparation and with your registration, indicate your intention to participate in our event.

Thank you!

More details coming soon!

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