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Year in review 2020

written by Csaba Orban

For many of us, 2020 will be a particularly unforgettable year. The unforgettability of this year, in addition to the normal course of life, was caused by the uncertainty, anxiety, fear and sometimes pain provided by the pandemic this year. Despite all these negative experiences, there are also something we can enjoy by the end of 2020.

First, we are glad that we are here healthy enough to read these lines. We rejoice in the hope that next year will bring better things. 

We may have good reasons for optimism for 2021. Think of the massive scale of the scientific campaign against this virus.

In the meantime, we ourselves have learned to live with the virus to some extent. Even if science needs a bit more time to overcome this disease, we will survive. With extra caution, our existence is no longer in danger, and even community life can be lived with ingenuity. Resourceful organizers of our community have also found resourceful solutions to keep our association going. Our association is unified, continues to function, and is even strengthened in many ways compared to years before.

Please join me on an imaginative time travel and look back with me on this past year.

Around this time last year, we enjoyed the diverse programs and growing membership of our association. We planned our usual celebrations and worked on organizing one-off events of outstanding quality throughout the first half of this year.

According to our plans, after Róbert Koltai from Hungary gave a prestigious family performance and Miska Szabados from Canada performed a serious theatrical production, composer Viktor Molnár would have amazed us with a multi-day, multi-site performance. We had also planned a scout dinner, a dance camp, a school camp and scout camp, and we wanted to take part in the Seattle International Children’s Friendship Festival, the Northwest Folklife Festival, the Cultural Crossroads Festival and so much more …

I could still list the plans for the picnic and election dinner, but unfortunately little of that has been accomplished. Despite many cancelations, the year 2020 did not become completely uneventful!

On the contrary:

On January 18, 2020, we held our General Membership Meeting as planned. The Koltai evening was held for 100 guests in February just before the shut down, but it would be difficult to say how many people saw the March 15 commemorative presidential letter sent to our members. 

While scout dinner was canceled along with the camps and performances, good things happened too.

  • HAAW leadership meetings have been reorganized onto Internet channels and held on a regular basis. The management voted and informed the membership through all channels that the re-election will be delayed until it is possible to vote safely and according to bylaws and rules.
  • Then the commemoration of Trianon also took place virtually. The school, the dance group and the scouts also transferred their temporary main meeting place to the internet. The Internet has also begun to play an increasingly important role in the life of the Association.

• Our website has been redesigned and updated.

Hírek, our monthly newsletter, changed to a news blog format

• We have a greater presence on social media now with our scout troop taking to Instagram and our groups gathered around a main Facebook page with shareable event listings.

• The miracle that many of our members had been waiting decades for has also happened. We bought a piece of property!

• The library was re-established as a group, led by librarian Betty Dósa.

• The property maintenance and development committee was formed and began to work.

• We virtually remembered October 23rd. It was good to see that many people found a way to join in.

• We held a scout initiation.

• The Santa packages were self-serve style this year. Everyone who wanted one could pick up a package or have one of our Santa helpers deliver to their house. To our pleasant surprise, the gift packages (about 60 of them) each found a lovely little owner.

• At the Santa Claus package delivery site, the library, fresh chimney cakes and mulled wine for adults were a real holiday gift.

• Our virtual live Christmas program featured more than 30 actors and half a dozen pre-made videos. A short film was even made for this great holiday with the contribution and program direction of Miska Szabados.

• We had approximately 180 guests at our Christmas holiday.

• The winter cookie decorating event was also appreciated by more than 20 participants…

The events listed are for illustrative purposes only and do not preclude the occurrence of other events.


At this point, the current leadership believes that our adjustment to the situation has taken place, and the time has come to call for a new election.

Elections of HAAW leadership will take place on ZOOM, January 17, 2021 at 4:00 pm

Finally, I would like to thank all the helpers for their help, and would extend a special thank you to the current leadership:

• Géza Nemesszeghy Vice President

• Viktória Bálizs Secretary

• Dezső Dénes Treasurer

• Orsolya Homorodi and Enikő Orbán Social co-chairs

• Zsuzsa Krupanics and Zsuzsa Kálmán Cultural co-chairs

• Dr. Elizabeth Jakab Membership chair

• Julia Deák Sandler and Eszter Hollenback Information co-chairs

• Eszter Hollenback Web master

• Dániel Takács Technology and Digital Communication

I also extend a big thank you to our group leaders who also did an excellent job for the association.

• Dr. Julia Deák Sandler Hungarian school director

• Éva Forgács no. Deputy Leader of the István Fekete Scout Troop

• Flóra Carlisle-Kovács Director of the Forgatós Folk Dance Ensemble

• Bernadett Dósa Librarian

• Christine Boldizsár Forever Young Club and Seattle Pécs Sister City Association

• Katalin Orosz real estate agent

•. Land Maintenance and Development Committee


See you at the election

Csaba Orbán
President of WMASZ

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